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When it comes to branding a start-up business, owners & partners normally don’t want to spend a fortune in the early stages. And businesses that want to spend a considerable amount, end up paying a lot for large-scale advertising. This often defeats the goal of earning any profit at the first place. Smart businesses have adapted to the techniques of modern day branding by giving more emphasis to the consumer and have resorted to story telling rather than imposing their values on to them. Some of the ways by which they do this are as follows:

Storytelling & Personalisation

Gone are the days when only a logo and advertising got the job done for a brand. Customers in this age are more interested in a company’s back-story and what their values are. They want to buy products & avail services from companies that align to their own personality. Provide them with a platform to participate in your products and services – like Coca-Cola managed with its personalised Share A Coke initiative – and you have the chance to embed people directly into the narrative or fabric of your brand.

Brand Presence & Scalability

A basic rule followed by most businesses, scalability extends a brand’s presence across various platforms while keeping it’s identity & message consistent. Companies are able to achieve this by using similar visual cues like graphics, messaging & across its advertising & products.

Sustainability & Social Causes

Two strong words & initiatives that have gained significant importance in this day & age. But more than them being considered important, it’s a genuine concern that companies from all industries are pursuing aggressively. Whether it’s using smart materials for packaging, minimal colour usage for advertising posters or recycling their own products, companies want to implement sustainability in more than one ways in their operation. Considering present environmental condition, we should be obliged to do out of self-conviction rather than for the sake of it. Customers value companies that have collaborations with charitable organisations & promote social causes. Adidas’s Parley line of shoes is a prominent example.

Sustainable Solution


Highlight Strengths

Often companies are formed because they specialise in some or the other goods & services. Profitable companies bank upon their strong & unique products e.g Apple with it’s iPhone or Mac Book series or Amazon with it’s capability to ship any product in the world to your doorstep. In a way it also promotes the ideology of quality over quantity.

Product Strengths


Online Presence & Interaction with Customers

It’s 2018 & an online presence for any organisation is as important as the product itself. A large number of customers own a mobile phone with modern & fast Internet capabilities. Majority customer purchase behaviour relies on reviews posted by users on forums & social media. Companies invest heavily on social media managers & online advertising. Answering customer queries in real-time has become a standard protocol for any new age organisation.

Online Presence

User Experience

User experience is key to the success of a company’s longevity. Though products play an important role in the recognition of a brand, it’s the user experience that sets them apart from the competition. It’s the experience that the customer remembers & refers to other potential buyers. Whether it’s operating an App on your mobile device or the service you get while shopping for your favourite shoes in a store, as humans we tend to expect a fast & positive response. If the experience is bad, they remember it more than the good ones. So it’s very essential how we approach this area in working structures of different organisations.

Make a Viral Video

Whether your business is operating out of a garage or from the extensive offices of multinational companies, everyone wants to promote themselves using interesting videos. The video can be a simple 2D explainer animation, footage shot with actors or a complex 3D composition. It doesn’t matter what tools you use but it’s all about the content. With the online space taking charge of things, viral videos can reach a much larger audience than traditional promo methods.

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